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Anillo de oro del Anillo de oro y plata de Guardian Angel

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Anillo de oro del Anillo de oro y plata de Guardian Angel
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Ana Bekoach Gold & Silver Ring.

925 Sterling silver and 9k Gold. Width: 1cm/0.4". The ring is suitable for men and women and available in all sizes. Please choose your size

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"Ana Bekoach" - Due to the size of the right The line opens with the request word "please", continues in praise, "by force you grow to your right", and asks at the end "allow a bundle". Where is the phrase taken for the great power of the Almighty today? This phrase is already found in the book of Exodus (15: 6) in the verse "Yemin HaNadri forcibly" in the Song of the Sea, and expresses the power of The God-present day of God. In Piyyut we ask for all empowerment to unleash the bundle. Why is the people of Israel called a bundle? The second talks about a woman abandoned in a state of cables invisible, as the Book of Samuel (c, c), and Iba of David unto Bito, Iroslm, and he took the king spade Asr Ladies Flgsim Asr Hnih Lsmr Hbit and Itnm house of Msmrt and Iclclm, and Alihm not Ba. And there was trouble for a day of waiting, a life of widowhood. They are married, but are absent. This puts them on cables that do not allow them personal life. Thus, the Piyyut describes the people of Israel, as one who maintains his loyalty but suffers from trouble and is not absent by the Lord.
Información adicional

Información adicional

Country of Manufacture Israel
marca Magic Touch jewelry
Material Gold and Silver
Género Unisex
Tipo de gema NA